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Listed below are fabric roll ends most have 10 or more metres of fabric on them to be made into curtains, blinds and cushions. If you already know  your fabric sizes and would like a bargain these roll ends can be made to your measurements, price includes cost of fabric, lining and heading tape and cost to make (does not include postage). We can work out for you, your measurements to make sure the roll ends will be enough for what you need.

See below for what's available.


Fabric Roll Ends

This is a lovely fabric to work with as well as it looks good when hung looking crisp and neat, when made into curtains and other furnishings in cornflower blue colour and it is  poly cotton blend mix fabric.

There are 13 mtrs of fabric on this roll only, which can be made into curtains, blinds, cushions, tie backs, depending on what you require. 

If you know your exact measurements  and curtain sizes, please get in touch.

We can add either 1 inch heading tape, popper tape or tunnel heading make your curtains to fit using rods.

Price includes 13 mtrs fabric, 13mtrs of either poly cotton lining 1 inch heading tape or popper tape and cost to make.  Postage is not included in the price. £200.00


Porthole Bungs / Plugs Roll Ends & Continuous Fabric Range

We have available several sheets of waterproof vinyl which are again roll ends which can be used for porthole bungs/plugs, price includes cost of vinyl, foam,zip/velcro, piping and cost to make (does not include postage).

See below for what is available.





Waterproof vinyl roll ends for Porthole plugs/bungs.

Available in the 6 colours listed, please contact us at Farmer Pumpkin for  availability in vinyl sheet size to making plugs/bungs.

Price includes vinyl sheet, foam,zip/velcro, piping and cost to make.

£25 per porthole plug/bung size of bung 12 inches to maximum 18 inches diameter.

(price does not include postage).

We are bringing out our new continuous range of waterproof vinyl leather, water repellent fabric and curtain fabric porthole plug/bungs, price will inlcude cost of fabric, foam, zip/velcro.piping and cost to make. Please keep looking at Farmer Pumpkin as these will be added soon.


Ready Made Curtains

Farmer Pumpkin is making and manufacturing a ready made curtain for caravan's, motorhomes and narrowboats. (please note that that these curtains are made on site at Spot Lane and not farmed out to other manufacturers keeping everything in house) We have selected a fabric range with a good selection of colours to choose from.

These curtains are polycotton lined with 1 inch heading tape they will include for use with track rods top and bottom and include tie backs (Should the ready made curtains be too big for what you need we can alter them for you) Prices do not include postage 

See below for what is available.   

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We have just moved our business and home to the beautiful village of Hilderstone in Stone, Stafford.

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Thank you to all customers who have been patient whilst we move.

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We abide by the law.


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