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Farmer Pumpkin


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3 Spot Lane

Spot Acre




ST15 8RS

United Kingdom


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Landline: 01889 589354

Mobile: 07598515081





Terms and Conditions

Farmer Pumpkin takes pride in work ensuring that each item is in perfect condition before it reaches the Customer, each item is inspected and packed ready for delivery to you.


However if a Customer takes delivery of an item and is not satisfied they must contact Farmer Pumpkin within 24 hours of recieving items. Items that are collected must be checked and immediately informed of any mistakes. Please do not return items until you have authorisation from Farmer Pumpkin. Any returns must included invoice sent, receipts given, no refunds or  exchanges will be given without proof. Upon authorisation customers are given returns slip to return items. Returned items are at customers expense. No refunds or replacements are given after 30 days of purchase.


Personalised items- Customers must give clear spelling and instructions, items can only be returned if the mistake is made by Farmer Pumpkin, this then will be corrected.If the Customer has made a mistakes items cannot be returned or refunded. Once an item has been personalised it cannot be refunded or returned.


Please fill in all order forms (which can be found at the bottom of "pricing" page) attach any art works, no will will commence until all forms are completed and signed plus deposit paid. Where a customer places an order via telphone, text, email and have not filled in any order forms and signed without any signature and still wanting services of Farmer Pumpkin, your order will be treated that you have read the Terms and Conditions upon the the website and that you are happy to proceed with what you have requested Farmer Pumpkin to do, the customer takes full responsability for their order.


Quotes and deposits, all work is quoted for whether it is for workwear,lesiure wear, embroidery, curtains, furnishings or upholstery and any other works carried out. When quotes are given they are quoted for raw materials and labour, Deposits are required on all quotes customers are to required to pay for the raw materials via bank transfer or paypal, a reciept is given forr this and this will be shown on the final invoice. No work will commence without any deposit paid. All deposits are non refundable, if a customer cancels any order at any point.


Where a Customer places an order and cancels any order after work is completed the full value of that order must still be paid.


Customers maybe asked to supply a sample of the item to be embroidered prior to embroidery, this is to check to see if your item will fit in the embroidery frames, the material requiring embroidery and the quality of the material, you will be advised as to whether your item can be embroidered. Examples are shoes, boots, car/van seat covers, synethic leather, real leather, etc...

Customers wishing to supply their own items for embroidery take on full responability for their items. 


Lead times for embroidery work, curtains, furnishings and upholstery we always give our customers a completion date for work and if a customers has their own required completion date we will always endeavour to work to this, however in some circumstances there can be situations that arise with work orders and we will always notify our customers keeping you informed to any problems that could arise.


Would customers kindly note, that if you are planning an event and require the services of Farmer Pumpkin that you plan well ahead of your event day (at least 30 days in advance)  we do get alot of customer orders coming in all the time an so our work is planned to a timetable, making sure that all our work goes out on time and not letting you down, there are  occasions where work is finished earlier and we can slot other jobs in.    Forward Planning is best kept in mind.



Upon recieving work, the Customer must check all items and sign the "completion" section of the order form.  Where an invoice is issued there is a 14 day limit, all other orders are immediate payment.


Farmer Pumpkin can supply samples of garments to Customers but these items will be charged for,  customers are also charged for posting and packing. No samples are given without payment. Freebies unfortunately we cannot give out freebies we are a small business and this costs alot of time and money, if you wish to see a sample of work we do however embroider designs onto scrap pieces of fabric before it is embroidered onto any final work and we can show you these, we hold a small amount of clothing  in stock for you to see, other than this it is not ordered from suppliers until we need need it for any job.   


All customers are responsible for ordering the correct size of clothing. Please ensure that you are ordering the correct size  for your needs, Farmer Pumpkin will not be held responsible where a customer orders items whether they are  embroidered and customer  complains after collection or delivery of items , that garments do not fit. Any garment ordered by a customer that is embellished will still need to pay.




Aftercare it is the Customers responsability as to how they launder their items, Customers must check and follow instructions on the care label on all items for washing and drying. This is for any garment/craft items, furnishings and upholstery. Farmer Pumpkin will not be held responsible for any damage, shrinkage, colour bleed, whether you launder the items yourself  domestically or use a commercial company. Customers using a commercial company must take up any issue with whoever you use for cleaning.  We cannot repair, replace or refund on this. 

Use the correct temperature and detergent on your items when laundering, if using a third party for laundering check what detergent/chemicals they are using on your items, as well as temperature and how they will clean your laundry. Harsh detergent/chemicals can damage your items.Farmer Pumpkin is strictly not resonsible for any third party laundry cleaning or customers laundering own items.


 We use Maderia, Isalon and  Iscacord embroidery threads these are the very best embroidery industry they are strong, long lasting, amazing variety of colours, non fading and do not bleed colour when washed.

We strongly advise customers not to unpick any embroidery, you will damage your item and could cause damaging holes in your items, should a customer do this we will not offer any replacement or refund.




Updated 19/05/2017




Farmer Pumpkin complies with Sales of Goods Act 1979.



Payments to Farmer Pumpkin can be made by:


PaypalCash on Delivery


WorldPay Zinc- Visa, Visa Pay, Visa Debit, Master Card, Maestro  


Opening hours   open every day from 8am till 7pm



Proud To Sponsor Team Farmer Pumpkin Rider Daniella Farmer Aged 7 (107)



Please call mobile 1st 

Mobile: 07598515081  

Landline: 01889 589354

Both telephone numbers are registered to TPS

Address can be found below or looking at contact page.

No Utility Supply or Marketing call

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Customer Notice:

We would like our customers to know that any personal details given to Farmer Pumpkin are kept confidential and that we do not store them on file, nor are they given/sold to third parties.

Please note that at Farmer Pumpkin we do not send spam emails, spam telephone calls or unwanted marketing leaflets through the post.

We abide by the law.


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